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There are plenty of leisure parks and zoos to discover, including the Futuroscope in Poitiers.




The Futuroscope amusement park, a major attraction in Vienne, will be celebrating its 25th birthday in 2012.

It has already welcomed over 37 million visitors from all over the world.
A combination of technology, interactive visits and images, the Futuroscope is a magical place where you will experience fantastic sensations.  Over 30

La Vallée des singes (monkey park)
Take a trip to the monkey park in Romagne where you will be in direct contact with over 350 animals representing 30 species, in complete freedom in a 37-acre natural, wooded environment.

L'Ile aux serpents (snake island)
Located in La Trimouille, the Ile aux Serpents will take you on a magical tour of the world of reptiles.  You will discover over 60 specimens from all over the world, replaced in their natural environment with their prey and predators.
Les Géants du Ciel
Set in the heart of the medieval town of Chauvigny, within the majestic ruins of the Bishops’ Chateau, an outstanding show with birds of prey will allow you to relive the ancestral sport of …..falconry.  You will be amazed by the feats of the eagles and falcons.  You can also discover the mini farm located in the chateau's moat

La Planète des Crocodiles (Crocodile planet)
The Planète des Crocodiles in Civaux is a large glass dome covering 6 pools which are home to over 200 animals from different continents.  Biotopes from Africa, America and Australia have been recreated.  You can stroll around in complete safety in a tropical ambiance amongst the birds, waterfalls and lush plant life.





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