Le Château de Périgny

The Château's history


The history of the Château de Périgny takes us back to the beginning of the 6th century.  The château was witness to a major part or France’s history.


Vouillé la Bataille, proudly established in the heart of the Poitiers area of France, is steeped in the history of France.  In 507 the battle and victory of Clovis’ Franks over the Wisigoths d’Alaric II and Clovis’ desire to unify the north and south of France, marks the end of the Gallo-Roman civilization and Gaul.  It is in fact at this time that the unity of the French population became a significant part of history.  About 3km down the road from Vouillé, you will find Périgny, a former fief and also part of the Saint Radegonde historic chapter.  The town was named, in chronological order, Primiacus in 939, Pririgne in 1360, Prigny in 1435 and finally Périgny in 1595. 

In the middle ages, it was a stronghold that was turned into a farm laid out in a rectangular shape with a courtyard closed in by a tower in each corner.  It controlled the Charbonneau ford and the salt route from the old part of Poitiers heading towards Niort, a Celtic route.  The château that stands today was built at the end of the 16th century, renamed in 1860 by the owner at the time, Madame Hunault de la Chevalerie.  The clergymen of Sainte Radegonde inherited the domain in a will, but their ownership only lasted a few hundred years.  Taxes were too high for the Clergy so they had to let it go.  Several different people owned the property over the years, including 5 generations of the Foy de Peyraud family, who disappeared during the 1789 revolution.
The old château, flanked by its four corner towers, was abandoned to farmers whilst the new lords of the manor built a romantic operetta castle to their taste, influenced by Viollet-Le-Duc.
One of the dominant elements is a stone sculpted staircase adorned with the family’s coat of arms.

This short account of Périgny’s past leads us to thinking that the important role that was bestowed upon it over the ages, doesn’t stop at the 20th century.
In 1973 the château was converted into a hotel-restaurant by Mr and Mrs BROSSARD.
In August 2007 Kerstin andThierry BARATTE became the new owners after Jeanine and Philippe BINI who ran the establishment for 8 years.


Le Château de Périgny
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